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REALTOR.UG is the most user friendly property search engine in Uganda, you just enter what you want into the search box using plain/simple English, and then the system will use Artificial Intelligence (machine learning) to give you search results based on the keywords within your search text.

For example: if you type "3 bedroom furnished apartment for rent in Kololo with a swimming pool and a big compound" into the search box, you will then get property listings with a size of 3 bedroom, furnished options only, the property type will be apartment, all of them will have the swimming pool amenity and a big size compound will be factored in.

The REALTOR.UG website is the largest platform specifically created for all realtors to market their properties to the general public, the main goal is to bring order, fairness, visibility and professionalism to the real estate business in Uganda.

This platform contains more than 100,000 properties scattered across the country from all real estate specialties including commercial sales, development, property management, appraisal, auctions, and residential sales. We are committed to protecting the real estate industry from fake players and also allow genuine Realtors to help more Ugandans buy, sell, and own property.

REALTOR.UG supports homeownership and homeowners and respects the interests of property owners in Uganda. the Realtors on this platform go beyond listings properties and pledging to a higher standard of service. Protecting the interests of buyers is a key goal, but also protecting and promoting the Realtors businesses is our priority. Together we all win.

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