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"A property search engine that enables property hunters to type their searches in the same way they would describe their ideal property when speaking to an agent or a friend."


Many real estate companies worldwide are increasingly using artificial intelligence technology in every aspect of home buying, home selling and home financing process, however Uganda in particular (and Africa in general) has been lagging behind in the use of artificial intelligence technology within the real estate industry.

Some of the big boys in the (online) property search business within Uganda, such as RealEstateDatabase.net, Lamudi.co.ug and Realtor.ug, are all currently looking for better ways to accurately help buyers find the perfect home while using the simplest search mechanisms.

You will notice that almost every other property search engine in Uganda filters out the most suitable homes using multiple search boxes for price range, location, number of bedrooms, size, property type, etc. Although this model has worked fine over the last several years, it has quickly become outdated as it either leaves potential buyers with far more listing results than they are willing to look through or it gives no (related) results at all.

This is where artificial intelligence comes into play. At its core, the definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within a real estate context refers to a type of technology that can draw logical conclusions on its own regarding a buyers needs, and also make predictions or even respond with more accurate results while using currently available data.

REALTOR.UG is one of the property search engines in Uganda that has gone ahead the rest to implement artificial intelligence within its property search process, this platform uses Natural Language Processing to read the buyers needs from one single text box and then go through 1000s of listings within seconds to give relevant results based on the buyers search text in relation to previous/similar searches.

So the average property buyer can find what they need without being a search-term wizard, they do not have to use predefined boxes to filter property results, instead they simply type exactly what they want in one single box within one sentence regardless of if its grammatically correct or not, as long as that sentance has the buyer's key real estate needs.

For example, REALTOR.UG not only predicts what popular searches may apply to your query as you start typing the first words into the search box, but it also looks at the whole picture and recognizes what you’re trying to say rather than the exact search words, this allows the search system to only show the results that a customer is most interested in, not those that are predefined for him/her.

You can put only a single location in the search box and get suggestions or even listings based on that location, or you can type the number of bedroom you want and then artificial intelligence will respond accordingly. You can also type a combination of location and bedrooms plus a property type to get more accurate or more refined results.

Those are some variations you may see when completing a search on REALTOR.UG, it will use artificial intelligence to associates any ambiguous text query to the current property data in the Real Estate Database, and thus provide more useful results or suggestions to the property buyer.

With such advanced artificial intelligence search tools, real estate buyers can easily find properties from a huge amount of current data. Because there is a lot of real estate data aggregated in one place, these online real estate systems that are supported by artificial intelligence have drastically altered the amount of time and effort that it takes to search for properties in different locations within Uganda.

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Author: Julius Czar
Company: Zillion Technologies Ltd
Mobile: +256705162000
Email: Julius@RealEstateDatabase.net
Website: www.RealEstateDatabase.net 

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